Board of Directors & State Officers 2021

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I. A. D. A. State Officers

President: Barb Eckert, ACC

Membership: Toni Jacobsma, ADPC

Education: Tomme Owens

Secretary: Erica Thomas, ADC

Treasurer: Dietlind Woods

Co-Treasurer: Sheila Dick, ADC

I. A. D. A. Board of Directors

District Presidents

#1 Terri Dickus

#2 Victoria Hyatt

#3 Position Open

#4 Shari Waltman

#5 Position Open

#6 Position Open

#7 Position Open

#8 Shannon Braun

Board of Directors Meetings 2021

Due to COVID-19

All IADA Board Meetings

are being held by zoom to 

help keep everyone safe.

Newsletter Editor:
Newsletter is on hold at this time.

Activity Director Course Instructor:
Glenda Dearth, B.S., ADC


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