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Who is I.A.D.A.?
The Indiana Activity Directors Association (IADA) was organized and incorporated in 1974. Eight Districts in the state of Indiana were formed to assist Activity Professionals in the local area, promoting educational programs. The Accreditation became effective in 1976. In 2021, the membership voted for the association to be a state organization that promotes national certification.

I.A.D.A. Philosophy
The Philosophy of the Association is to join together as professionals who share interest and goals; to plan for continuing education; to upgrade our professional standing; and to speak as one voice in dealing with the public, in general, and the Government agencies and bureaus in particular, as part of the health facility team, for the benefit of both the facility and the patient/resident/client.

I.A.D.A. Code of Ethics
IADA recognizes the responsibility of our profession to the chronically ill, the convalescent, the aged, their friends and the people of this state, and believes that it is our solemn duty to foster, promote, supervise, and insist upon high ethical standards in our profession based upon the concepts of moral, humane, and legal rights and predicated upon the principles exemplified by the Golden Rule.


  • Raise standards of performance.

  • Help upgrade professional status

  • Keep abreast of new trends in activities / social service

  • Be informed of legislative changes

  • Exchange ideas

  • Share joys, successes and concerns

  • Receive answers and solutions

  • Receive peer support and recognition

  • Form lasting friendships



2023 Spring Workshop! 

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